Web design

My specialty: The key-in-hand web presentation and its maintenance.

Did you know that e-business starts with a single simple web page that holds all the essential information about your business?

The four Ws: Who, What, Where, When!

Who is the company?

What are the products?

Where can the business be seen or contacted?

When are the business hours?


Web design comprises the design and creation of internet and/or intranet web sites including the programming of active web pages by means of scripting languages such as HTML, XML, PHP, PERL, Javascript. Doing so, I vastly try to implement the corporate's identity in tight cooperation with the marketing devision - if any - or the general management.

The recommendation of web hosters encompasses the includements of the desired web presentation, as far as the customer does not or is not able to provide his own web server.


Corporate Identity

This offer addresses in particular small and medium sized enterprises without their own marketing department. I deliver proposals for the web site layout in close contact with the customer and upon an agreement I will realize the customer's vision. This service may even include the creation of a corporate identity such as a unique throughgoing design of business cards, letter heads, flyers and other company related documents which will get to your customers' attention.

BTW, do you know the advantages of an intranet? If not, contact me and I will let you know - you will be surprised!

This service is primarily addressed to medium and large size enterprises.
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